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3 to 5 AM - OSU Telephone system maintenance Saturday 26th March 2022 03:00:00

On Saturday, February 26, UIT Telecommunications will be performing an upgrade that improves how we connect to OSU’s dial tone provider. This process will cause a rolling outage for outbound phone calls between 3am and 5am. This means that all campus phones — including those at the Corvallis, OSU-Cascades, HMSC and Portland locations — will be unable to make calls to off-campus phone numbers, including calls to 911. However, campus phones will still be able to receive calls from off-campus phones as well as place calls to other campus phones, including Public Safety.

In case of an emergency, you can either use your mobile phone to call 911 or contact Public Safety using your campus phone by dialing 541-737-7000 (Corvallis) or 541-322-3110 (OSU Cascades).

Contact for more information: Telecom help line (541)-737-4357 opt 1 or telecom.help@oregonstate.edu