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Tableau Server in a degraded state Monday 14th August 2023 12:00:00

Tableau Server (analytics.oregonstate.edu) is currently unable to refresh some extracts. At this time the server is up and is displaying information from the last time in which its sources were refreshed (time frame is dependent on the resource in question). The server manager is working on a solution. Check back here for regular updates.

Contact https://beav.es/datahelp with any questions.

The maintenance performed on the Tableau server on August 16 did not fully resolve all issues. However, the server management team was able to restore full functionality temporarily, no service degradation should be experienced by end users at this time. A follow-up service outage will be scheduled during quiet week to fix this issue.

What is happening next? We are scheduling a follow-up service outage during the week of August 28th to continue to resolve the issue. More information will be provided when a specific window is identified.   For questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk at beav.es/help or by calling 541-737-8787.